The contractor-types

In a world today of outnumbering contractors and contracting service it really comes difficult to make the right choice. So we recommend to find out more about the types and categories of contractors which explain significant differences between them. If you are planning some property renovation or building here are some important facts about the three major contractor categories.

General contractors

We could say for these guys they present a handyman but it is more than that because they are licensed and highly trained. They have experience and knowledge to solve a lot of different issues and projects from various aspects in-home service. Starting from basic electrical jobs, plumbing issues, HVAC service, sheet-rock or some good carpentry projects they are here to ensure the job is done correctly. Especially if the architect is not involved in the project, a general contractor will make sure the projects is legal and all documentation in order. Outcome and final results are the main responsibility of the general contractor.

General contractors


These craftsman work under the control of a general contractor. These can be carpenters, painters, roofers, electricians, plumbers and many other specific craftsmen. They will show up in time of need and if the general contractor makes the overseeing of them efficiently project will end above your expectations. On the other hand, many people just don’t like paying others for scheduling subcontractors for them like general contractors do so they do it themselves. Anyway, make sure that these specialty contractors have a license and are insured. You personally will be responsible for ensuring the schedule is respected and the project progress is going smoothly. Be prepared these guys will not come cheap but don’t worry about the project, it will be done more than right without no need of babysitting every move they make.


If you find yourself in a hurry to get some rehab home project done for cheap these workers could do the job. They have some experience in rehab aspects but maybe not enough to leave them without proper overseeing. You could often hear people call them “unskilled laborers” because in the lack of knowledge they will do much harder to get the job done. It often happens they are very happy to do some work but it happens they don’t know how. Usually, projects done by them require more time, effort and patience form your side.

In most cases of home building and improvement, people combine these three categories for their projects. For larger and more significant ones they use general contractors and for some smaller ones they call freelancers or subcontractors. As said, making a balance between value and price got most of the projects to longing goals.